Battle Companies Manager

With Lord of the Rings being my favorite films and having a great passion for Tolkien's legendarium it comes natural to me that I love playing the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, MESBG for short.

MESBG comes in different forms of play: regular matched play, narrative (scenarios) and my favourite - Battle companies.

In battle companies you play a way smaller army as in normal matches but they evolve over time. You
company members level up and the company may recruit new party members over the course of multiple matches. All the information about your company needs to be... managed! This management needed to be done in a printable PDF roster. (

Ditch the cumbersome PDF and try out the easy way of managing your Battle Company for free today.

Pat Gaunt

Keeping track of changes would become harder over time as you needed to erase your pencil marks and write up new information. Pat Gaunt and I are developing a digital solution to help players of the game with the management of their company, hence the name Battle Companies Manager.